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YAMATO began its operation in Japan in 1919 as a short haul transportation company. As YAMATO approaches its 100-year anniversary, it has grown to approximately 200,000 employees and over 7,000 business facilities worldwide. By applying time tested know-how, YAMATO provides total supply chain and logistical solutions by maximizing transport speed while still maintaining its high quality of service.
The company logo, a cat carrying a kitten in her mouth (symbolizing the care given every shipment) is the best known logo on the island nation, as familiar to the Japanese as the Coca-Cola logo in the USA.

Today, Yamato handles the most ambitious worldwide transport and moving challenges. With its innovative TA-Q-BIN and other advanced supply chain solutions that capitalize on ever-increasing urbanization, Yamato stands at the forefront of service excellence and innovation. The advent of online shopping, ordering via smartphone, the need for time/temperature sensitive shipping solutions, along with Just-in-time production, has Yamato poised for a new era of growth. At the company’s core lies a great resolve for sustainability through corporate responsibility to its employees and every market segment served.